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 (RP:Nyxares) - Cryptic Salvation House - IC & OOC Information - GA

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The Osiris of Cryptic Salvation

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PostSubject: (RP:Nyxares) - Cryptic Salvation House - IC & OOC Information - GA   3/2/2011, 7:31 pm

Cryptic Salvation
Coven of the Crone

Out of Character Acknowledge these things

Strictly enforcedTurn based role play (18+only/graphic nature /(fz, kz ,ic) Fight Zone, Kill Zone,
In character entrance required
. No tech & guns. out of character (ooc) in (..)

Setting: First floor of the coven. Territory of the Gangrel Osiris.

Location: On the south facing cliff side to the Nyxares volcano, facing out over Erebus forest. There are steps carved into the cliff face that lead up to the lair where the air thins out due to the altitude.

All players in the room who are Citizen's are required to inform Unknown, guests and other player characters to an Introduction. It's likely Strays who had fallen into other rooms end up stumbling to this room while your playing through Scenes there.

Citizens in the room are to act as representatives of the group, have pride be informative, Describe to the guest the Scene, answer questions. Uphold a quality level of playing.

All Guests are to be acknowledged upon entering, No matter their experience in role playing, the host/being Citizen of Nyxares (an active player character) are to make them aware of the below message. This allows for players already engaged in a round to complete their posts. It also gives the New player time to type up an entrance, to join in the next round. Plenty of time to load, no excuses. Those who linger and make no entrance posts or say nothing are to be booted, this keeps Kbs low and spots open for Interested players.

Quote :

Greetings Role player: Before entering this room make sure you reviewed the RULES, now with that said Before you post in this live room READ BELOW it's important, if you have not read the description you will be asked to rewrite your entrance post or simply be BOOTED

This is the IC Scene given to Guests & New Comers
Your character likely was roaming in another realm, perhaps it was their home land. Maybe they were on the run from something, or just walking minding their own. When rather randomly they may or may not have noticed a shimmering before their steps. It might appear as a mirage, or heat waves lifting from the ground. If the character passed through this shimmering effect they find themselves torn from their realm and shot through a rift like one sliding from one dimension to another. Nothing would really be seen aside a blur of landscape all around them if they don't pass out. This rift opens up and deposits the visitor unceremoniously into a dark forest called Erebus forest (which is a scene & room onto itself)

EmpyrealRevere, EtherealRevere
Anvyl, C.M
xXSironaXx, C.M
CoherentSnuff, C.M

C.M Moderators: Are those of the Crones Coven, they have the final say. If a C.M is in the room and a scene is going on, they hold the right to boot anyone interrupting Role play. Checking mini profiles, they can make a judgment on who is allowed to enter, turning away those unwanted.

Cryptic Salvation is only one of the two Sects apart of Nyxares:

It is a Crones Coven/Circle= Cryptic Salvation house welcomes Mortals, and it is currently run by Vapenstil

Hosts, C.M's
Copy the quoted post above, paste it when greeting Role players Ooc

Information on Erebus found here (Erebus is the Starting point for all Characters not born to the Empire it self. Everyone acknowledges how strange it is that they all found way to their fates from that forest which birthed them into this existence..
This forest extends across the Empire's north reaching from the West to East. It's a dark forest with a thick fog which offers both cover to some and makes it near impossible to see for others. When your there eyes watch you, the canopy of trees host murders of ravens that give beady intelligent eyes your way. The wildlife in that forest seems hostile and hungry, the very soil seems against you. Some might smell wolves, others especially humans would hear howls of Wargs.

This forest extends across the Empire's north reaching from the West to East. It's a dark forest with a thick fog which offers both cover to some and makes it near impossible to see for others. When your there eyes watch you, the canopy of trees host murders of ravens that give beady intelligent eyes your way. The wildlife in that forest seems hostile and hungry, the very soil seems against you. Some might smell wolves, others especially humans would hear howls of Wargs. Wargs are mutated wolves of gruesome appearance vicious and unfriendly to anyone who is not known to them. These Wargs would keep out of sight and through their actions end up shepherding your character to the Coven house. To get there the Wargs would have herded your character north through Erebus and up the steep slope of the Volcano's edge taken you to find a crude staircase carved up its side, from there the presence of the Warg's would slacken, but ravens would be seen circling the sky riding the air currents.

At the top of this cliff side stairs you would see a large carved Hematite door. It's heavy and almost impossible to open but it's unlocked and is possible to open. Once inside this door you find yourself in a hall. There are two doors before you. If your entering the Main hall the first door leads you to this room.(the second one leads to the upstairs and unless someone is in the upper portion of the Coven house that second door is to be assumed locked) Once into the Coven house's main floor the character may or may not find it warm due to the duel hearths and candles that dimly light the building carved from the Volcano, shadows are seen from corner of eye moving in manners of servants. There are also large suits of armor, their armor indicate they might be female, but there are no faces to be seen these are known as Shadow Knights.

NPC's in the room:
None Player Characters from time to time will be used in the stories & scenes, sometimes the room itself might have this use of NPC's for a reason.

The Shadow knights: normally will not move from their posts unless directed or your hostile. They can be NPC'd by Coven Members to fight, and if they are beaten re spawn at the Empires Capital City of Necropolis. Obviously this would alert the Emperor and Empress that something is going on.

You May Use Shadow Knights in your session at the Salvation House, Roleplay an Npc when needing an extra element or character when in a scene.

Description of NPC Shadow Knights ((Seen at the Salvation House ))

The appear six feet tall
Are little more than condensed shadows, however they are dressed in black and gold trimmed armor suits, vaguely looking like large women knights. They can carry and wield weapons from Halberds, cross bolt bows and claymores.

They are average fighters, cast Delusion, and disorder


The victim sees movement in the shadows around them. Positive that  they are surrounded by an overwhelming force, they will surrender unless their Will, to disbelieve is greater than a mortal human's of level 4 in any character caste. failure causes the victim's immediate surrender, partial success causes them to flee in a random direction (intent on fighting their way to freedom). On success, they may ignore the spell. Cast at DOUBLE cost, this speli affects everyone in a circular area defined by its radius. All act as specified above. Any whose will powers is higher than the limit automatically ignore the spell. Where such a person is within the effect area.

Range: 24ft
Radius: 8ft
Duration: 2 rounds of players  posts


As for the Chaos spell of the same name. This spell weaves misleading shadows that delude the mind and make it impossible to judge distance and direction. The casting shadow knight is not affected by this spell. While it is in effect. They may not cast any other type of magic, including shadow magic. However this does not prevent another shadow knight from casting a spell only the one which did.

The Shadow Maidens: are merely servants, they offer services of getting food, drink, run baths, minor chores will they do. They never speak, but again Coven members can NPC these maidens as well. They can be told to do simple things but can not use weapons however they can grasp and detain people. Coven members can not however use shadow knights or maidens to attack each other with. Just like with the Shadow knights if a Shadow maiden is beaten in battle it too re spawns at the Capital City.

You May Use Shadow Maidens in your session at the Salvation House, Roleplay an Npc when needing an extra element or character when in a scene.

Description of NPC Shadow Maiden ((Seen at the Salvation House ))

They appear no larger than five feet tall
Are little more than condensed Shadows with no features and vague outlines.
They bring coldness like a spirit when in passing, and are often only caught from the corner of the eye other wise when not being commanded by someone.

NPC Beasts in house
Bats: yes, there are vampire bats that sometimes are encountered in the house, they are known to sometimes make attempts to feed off the guests, these are only mammals mind you but still nasty little things when your not expecting it.

Iguana:On the first floor there is an iguana, this creature is seen taking care of unwanted insects and other pests that linger in the house to long. It delivers sometimes devastating lashes to those who upset its its hunting. Approach with caution, C.M's in room decide how beasts react to other characters in room.

Wargs: Coven members normally do not have their mounts in doors, however its not unknown for a member to summon their warg for back up.

Vampires are expected to present themselves to Vapenstil who is considered Prince to this Coven and Realm. There is no feeding allowed in her Coven until one has introduced themselves and even then one might find Vapenstil hostile. Humans on the other hand receive greater treatment, like they are special because in the eyes of the Coven they are. Only the Coven members have their own Chambers and Quarters in the Salvation house.

Visitors can stay for a short time in one of the spare rooms but they are not allowed to stay unless offered shelter and protection by the Prince. Humans of course have a better chance at this then a Vampire, for obvious reasons that come to light when meeting Vapenstil in character.

Places in Forum to Archive Characters Beginnings, record live role play
All posts concerning played out scenes in character within Erebus Forest -Go here

All posts concerning played out scenes in character within Cryptic Salvation -Go here

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The Seneschal Nemesis

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PostSubject: Re: (RP:Nyxares) - Cryptic Salvation House - IC & OOC Information - GA   7/13/2011, 1:25 am

OOC Rules

First off, welcome all roleplayers new and old.

The Cryptic Salvation room is for RP ONLY, full rp. Meaning all ooc conversations should be put into ((parentheses)), a in character post should always be made when entering IC unless stated other wise. All IC posts should use proper English writing, meaning no text expressions or words. For example: " u , r , jk " Creative writing is preferred and encouraged but, we will not hold it against you if you do not post as much as the others.

No one IC should be addressed by name unless it is learned IC. Out of character knowledge and drama should be kept separate from in character at all times. Also if you mix ooc and ic you will be one too many times, and it involves drama you will be warned.

Also, for age of the players we prefer only 18+ due to the graphic nature of some of the posts.

Adult Content: There is to be no full on cybering in this room. We will not hestitate to boot you with out word because of it. Adult graphic posts are fine within reason. Keep it all in good tastes and keep in mind the others in the room. If it gets to a point where things might get a little too 'adult' take it to a private room.

Location: The coven hall is situated just on the outside of the capital city Necropolis of the Nyxares Empire. An empire in which the King Empyreal rules.

Fighting IC: Fighting and weapons are allowed. It is possible for characters to die in this room so be careful. All fighting should be post for post. No one kills shots either. Meaning you will have to post more then just one post to kill the other person. Both parties must acknowledge. If it can not be agreed upon by both parties. The King and Osiris can be asked to have a ruling on such a situation. Which can lead to a rematch or some sort of agreement.

Death: If you die within the hall, acknowledge the death of your own character. Then try to return another day and do not have a valid, BELIEVABLE reason why brought them back IC into the room you will be asked to leave.

Feeding: Within the coven that law falls under the Osiris's domain. Feed at your own risk if she is not around.

Races: All races are accepted and acknowledged in the room. However god based characters will not be accepted.

Leaders: In charge of the coven IC is the Osiris. The King however is over the Osiris but, does not recruit or handle coven business.

Titles: All titles have to be earned. Within the coven it is the Osiris that bestows ranking titles for its members. For matters on nobility ranking in the empire, those should seek the king.
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The Seneschal Nemesis

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PostSubject: Re: (RP:Nyxares) - Cryptic Salvation House - IC & OOC Information - GA   7/13/2011, 1:28 am

NPC Characters

None Player Characters from time to time will be used in the stories & scenes, sometimes the room itself might have this use of NPC's for a reason.

Cryptic Salvation has shades that wander the house, shadow maidens is what the patrons of the coven call them. These wisps of shadows move like house hold servants, they can only be commanded to fetch buckets & like related tools, and sometimes to serve drinks, hang clothing, bring up wine from the cellar. Or simply to warn the Osiris or Dark Twins, those of the Coven's members that visitors approach.

The Shades are unable to handle weapons but those of the Coven have been said to have command enough over the shadows to clutch and detain unwanted guests. (it is only in the Coven house that Coven members can command these NPC shades. The Shades in the Necropolis are under the Empires Leaders sway and might be considered of another nature or will. So those of the Coven must be aware it is only the shades of the Coven house they can NPC control over and this is only in ranks, example: a Coven member can not get a shade to help in a fight against the Osiris, or of a higher ranking member, it works in the peaking order so keep that in mind)

You May Use Shadow Maidens in your session at the Salvation House, Roleplay an Npc when needing an extra element or character when in a scene.

Description of NPC Shadow Maiden ((Seen at the Salvation House ))

They appear no larger than five feet tall
Are little more than condensed Shadows with no features and vague outlines.
They bring coldness like a spirit when in passing, and are often only caught from the corner of the eye other wise when not being commanded by someone.

Three Legged Wolf
NPC (None player character)

The Salvation house has a wolf with only three legs. It had come to be honored as a guest to the members after it came back from fighting at the Lady LotusNemesis's side. The Seneschal had gotten into trouble while on a mission with the scouting pack. This honorable beast made it back to the Coven house, was healed by PyperJames, & led the rescue mission to the Erebus forest to the Seneschal 's Recovery. The Lady LotusNemesis respected the spirit of the beast, and so it finds a place in the story of the house itself.

Description of NPC 3/legged wolf

Appears no larger than 3 feet tall at the shoulder and is 4 feet in length from nose to tail tip. Averages out in weight depending on how the Guests feed it, from 80 to 176 pounds. Male wolf so is aggressive when thinking someone is not part of pack, has a habit of shadowing the Seneschal , or those who had recently been near the ladyLotusNemesis.

Does not like the smell of oil, spices, or gunpowder & growls whenever it picks up on the smell. Normally moves to seek out the Healer or Seneschal . And is more often than not found in the back of the Salvation house relaxing within the medics quarters.

This is the same wolf that people often see at the Caretakers side and tends to be aloof and gloomy when not in it's Masters company of late.

Due to storyline development you will not find the three legged wolf at Salvation any more. The wolf has passed on. However those who know the Lotus will find a white dragon that follows her, the dragon seems very attached and protective of the Lotus. Most will not know why unless asking the Caretaker or Osiris about this Dragon. Since in Storyline with the forced breakup of Caretaker and Lotus due to the curse and darkness, the wolf died. It's soul was taken by Osiris and a Wizard, with an egg from Caretakers own dragon, the Wolfs soul was bound to the unborn dragon embryo. Now hatched, the lotus is sometimes seen being tailed by a Dragon that acts similar to the deceased wolf.
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PostSubject: Re: (RP:Nyxares) - Cryptic Salvation House - IC & OOC Information - GA   9/14/2012, 3:03 pm

The scene the role play takes place in is very important to story telling, we would like those joining the Empire to learn the locations of the different rooms on map to increase details when describing the travels of their characters. There is no teleporting, a barrier that causes a strange mist about the empire was placed by the Twins, this curtain nulls modern technology, however modern speech, clothing and knowledge does not become affected.

When looking at the map provided you will notice Cryptic Salvation is located on the South side of the Volcano due north in Erebus. Characters must travel through Erebus forest, some find themselves herded like sheep by Wargs to find the stairs carved into the dark volcanic mountain side. These winding stairs that move up the side of the mountain lead to plain carved black heavy looking doors. The air is thinner, ravens circle in the sky, the air is cooler outside. these door takes you into the Salvation house as shown below in the provided images. One might also come from the tunnels having traveled from the capital city Necropolis, the entrance to the tunnels leading from the Capital to the Coven hare hidden. Normally only Coven members or older members having been shown the tunnels or having happened upon them in story know of their existence. The connecting tunnels from Coven to Capital are not common knowledge to most characters.

Caretaker wrote:
The Rooms

When leaving Salvation house you are heading south, when entering your facing north.

The Prince's personal area is located at the north side of the building, her quarters are always guarded by a set of wargs and shadow guards. These shadow guards if defeated in combat respawn again to the capital city, and travel back alerting the capital of attack. To this area it's said the oracle takes private audiences or merely conducts her own business.

Coven Member personal quarters, are located to the main entrance hallway, on East, and West of hall. There are only four personal Quarters available in the coven house at this time for members, LotusNemesis's door is East side first door, the second door on the East belongs to the Lady Sirona. On the West side first door belongs to the blackblade Anvyl, the second door on the West belongs to Caretaker. These doors are considered locked and warded at all times. They can only be entered through private invite from the coven members who own the keys to said rooms. One can gain entrance through being in game "pc'd or invited" by members to these sections of the salvation house. In game players who are trying to lock pick these sections are to imagine by making an attempt to open these rooms they are attacked by a warding spell.
Quote :
Guards and Wards

Arcane Locks
All doors in the warded area are arcane locked.
Saving Throw: None.
Spell Resistance: No.
Target: The door, chest, or portal touched, up to 30 sq. ft./level in size

An arcane lock spell cast upon a door, chest, or portal magically locks it. You(players owning said locked rooms) can freely pass your own arcane lock without affecting it; otherwise, a door or object secured with this spell can be opened only by breaking in or with a successful dispel magic or knock spell. (A knock spell does not remove an arcane lock; it only suppresses the effect for 10 minutes.)

The whole warded area radiates strong magic of the abjuration school. A dispel magic cast on a specific effect, if successful, removes only that effect. A successful Mage’s disjunction destroys the entire guards and wards effect.

When Coven members are placing their wards they will need
Material Component

Burning incense, a small measure of brimstone and oil, a knotted string, and a small amount of blood.


A small silver rod.

Tampering with doors releases this effect
Ghoul Touch
Casting Time: 1 standard action (set off when tampering with door)
Range: Touch ( on door )
Target: humanoid touched
Duration: two posts/rounds
Saving Throw: Fortitude negates
Spell Resistance:Yes

Imbuing the tampered door with negative energy, this spell allows the door to paralyze a single humanoid for the duration of the spell with a successful melee touch attack. (caused by tamperer touching warded door)

Additionally, the paralyzed subject/ tamperer of the door exudes a carrion stench that causes all living creatures (except you doors owner ) in a 10-foot-radius spread to become sickened (Fortitude negates). A neutralize poison spell removes the effect from a sickened creature, and creatures immune to poison are unaffected by the stench, but still give off the sicking smell. Imagine being sprayed by a supernatural skunk.

Casters of ward used
Material Component

A small scrap of cloth taken from clothing worn by a ghoul, or a pinch of earth from a ghoul’s lair.

((Due to these being pc only rooms, it is commonsense that unless that coven member is present to that room your trying to break into, its considered unlikely your attempts are done with any kind of success. Please do not gripe or complain about this it's basic common sense. So if your intentions are to break into a members private quarters, do be sure to send them a message ooc indicting a wish to break in. So that said character's player can be present and if your successful at the attempt, they can pc you to that chamber so you can continue with your scheming. They may or may not be present ic, but its obvious if your trying to break into a pc only room. That you will need the player owning said room to be present. It is up to said player on if they wish to be present IC to witness.

**NOTE*** This is an obvious one, that if a break in has occurred, and the player of a locked room did pc an ic player into a room who has broken in, and by passed wards/locks. That unless the owner of said private room was IC when it was done, or the character who broke in left clues. The owner of said private room would only be aware by the ward and arcane lock being removed. That character to private chamber would have to reset the lock and ward after. They can not ic unless there and witnessing it what the other who broke in did while in there unless evidence of their time to room was left behind. ))

Sometimes new comers to the realm are herded by the Wargs to the salvation house. Most of the times they are of the human race. Be them male or female either can find for a time salvation at the coven. Hence why it is named the salvation house. Here they may stay for a short time to the guest room. This room is located off to the side of the study and lounge. It is only temporary, from there after a time of adjustment the character might find a more permanent home or room to one of the other locations on the map. Be it with the Onogoro wolf pack in the village run by the Red Ulfric King TsukimotoHayate, or to the capital city the Necropolis ruled over by the Emperor and Empress EtherealRevere and EmpyrealRevere, or any of the other many cities and villages located to the map pointed out or not yet. ((as not all locations are marked yet due to changes and or updating reasons))

The Lounge is located in the West wing of the Coven house. Here mortals might entertain their guests, share news with their fellows, eat drink be merry. Sometimes social events might be held in this room where a gathering of immortals and mortals alike might partake in celebrations, discussions or just enjoy each other as they see fit. The lounge does not stock blood, under no circumstances are the mortals in salvation house to be attacked by immortals. If an immortal wishes to taste or sample a mortal under the protection of the Salvation house, they must come to be given permission and consent of mortal in question. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES are immortals to sire mortals in the coven. That is the Crone's privilege in her own territory. Those who break this rule will have a blood hunt called upon them, and may the gods have mercy on them. The lounge mostly caters to mortals, the bar is fully stocked and open policy. There are snacks there as well, perishable items are stocked on a need basis, depending on the members wants and needs, all matters of stock are to be taken up with the caretaker who handles infrastructure and shipments in the Coven.

The Healing quarter is in the East wing of the Coven house, medical assistance, supplies are stocked or given in this quarter. Seen in the image are both the beast pen where injured wargs are kept while they are recovering, and the supernatural/ immortal blood tank. At any given time there might be a citizen present be it player character or an npc that can administer care to those in need of it. Nothing comes for free though. Someone who comes in injured seeking medical help could find themselves in a sticky situation, or in debt to the one offering services in aiding them.

Commonly patients are strapped down for their own safety or by the cruelty of those attending to their wounds. Sometimes the injured might find themselves tortured instead of being cared for. Whims are had by those involved in scene so be weary.

The tunnel doors lead under ground deep into the bowls of the volcanic mountains and if one makes it through these darkened tunnels they might find themselves in the heart of the capital city the Necropolis. This is not a fast route but it is safer than trying to find your way through the dark forest of Erebus, which is a zone of dangers. Be it from wild life, pack members or just being snatched up and tossed to other realms unexpectedly. When traveling through the tunnels note by the map provided you would have moved North West, this is a maze of tunnels with many dangers from sub terrain beasts. One off shot fork in the maze leads characters to the catacombs located under the capital city. When reaching the capital city the characters exit the tunnels by way of a crypts stair case The exit from the crypt is an entrance to and from the capital city to the coven, it is hidden within the Necropolis cemetery.

***Note*** This is not a commonly known mode of travel back and forth. Only those who have been shown what is behind that coven door in the salvation house's medic center know of where it leads and what paths to take when in the maze of tunnels. Just like when in the Necropolis city it is not commonly known that there is secret tunnels leading from crypt to coven house. Generally only coven members are told about it. [/size]
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PostSubject: Re: (RP:Nyxares) - Cryptic Salvation House - IC & OOC Information - GA   

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(RP:Nyxares) - Cryptic Salvation House - IC & OOC Information - GA
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