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 (RP:Nyxares) - Trading post - IC & OOC Information - GA

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PostSubject: (RP:Nyxares) - Trading post - IC & OOC Information - GA    11/30/2012, 8:57 pm

Quote :
Scene:Scene is simple, weather is generally good, no snow. Sun is rising to the East (note the room’s sun is rising to the East of the room. This makes the smithy and bakery on the South and the covered dock to the North of the room with the water fall in back to the West). What you see is what is around you, the water fall is the over flow from Enyo river. (Do not acknowledge characters who have not posted. You can out of character say hello describe to them the scene and setting but do not make an in character greeting to an avatar until they have posted an in character entrance entering scene. ). It is modern times, but old world feeling. Modern language and clothing is acceptable. The buildings and most of its furniture are constructed from Dark wood a national resource of the realm (information on dark wood is found to the general information section). The flags flying are Nyxare’s own. Common is the language spoken by most servants in the employ of Caretaker. If coming from Erebus escaping the wildlife your character enters the room from the north side of the room (by the covered dock) having run south out of Erebus, when entering there is a general activity going on in scene of Npc’s conducting trade business. From ships entering port dropping off supplies, to being loaded up, merchants might be selling their wares in markets or just drinking at the Trades pub and catching a meal between hauls.  

Head and Main NPC to setting

Name: Mimick
Gender: Female
Hair: generally black
Eyes:generally black
Skin:generally  tan with markings to forehead
Race:  Doppelgangers

Dopplegangers are strange beings that are able to take on the shapes of those they encounter. In its natural form, the creature looks more or less humanoid, but slender and frail, with gangly limbs and half-formed features. The flesh is pale and hairless. Its large, bulging eyes are yellow with slitted pupils. A doppelganger’s appearance is deceiving even when it’s in its true form. A doppelganger is hardy, with a natural agility not in keeping with its frail appearance.

Doppelgangers make excellent use of their natural mimicry to stage ambushes, bait traps, and infiltrate humanoid society. Although not usually evil, they are interested only in themselves and regard all others as playthings to be manipulated and deceived.

Height:6½ feet tall
Weight: 160pounds


When in its natural form, a doppelganger strikes with its powerful fists. In the shape of a warrior or some other armed person, it attacks with whatever weapon is appropriate. In such cases, it uses its detect thoughts ability to employ the same tactics and strategies as the person it is impersonating.


Detect Thoughts (Supernatural)
A doppelganger can continuously use detect thoughts as the spell (caster level 18th; Will DC 13 negates). It can suppress or resume this ability as a free action. The save DC is Charisma-based.

Change Shape (Supernatual)
A doppelganger can assume the shape of any Small or Medium humanoid. In humanoid form, the doppelganger loses its natural attacks. A doppelganger can remain in its humanoid form until it chooses to assume a new one. A change in form cannot be dispelled, but a doppelganger reverts to its natural form when killed. A true seeing spell or ability reveals its natural form.

A doppelganger has a +4 racial bonus on Bluff and Disguise checks.
*When using its change shape ability, a doppelganger gets an additional +10 circumstance bonus on Disguise checks. If it can read an opponent’s mind, it gets a further +4 circumstance bonus on Bluff and Disguise checks.

racial traits.
= +2 Strength, +2, Dexterity, +2 Constitution, +2 Intelligence, +4 Wisdom, +2 Charisma.
= Medium size.
= A doppelganger’s base land speed is 30 feet.
= Darkvision: Doppelgangers can see in the dark up to 60 feet.
= Racial Hit Dice: A doppelganger begins with four levels of monstrous humanoid, which provide 4d8 Hit Dice, a base attack bonus of +4, and base saving throw bonuses of Fort +1, Ref +4, and Will +4.
= Racial Skills: A doppelganger’s monstrous humanoid levels give it skill points equal to 7 × (2 + Int modifier). Its class skills are Bluff, Diplomacy, Disguise, Intimidate, Listen, Sense Motive, and Spot.
= Racial Feats: A doppelganger’s monstrous humanoid levels give it two feats.
= +4 natural armor bonus.
= +4 racial bonus on Bluff and Disguise checks. When using its change shape ability, a doppelganger gets an additional +10 circumstance bonus on Disguise checks. If it can read an opponent’s mind, it gets a further +4 circumstance bonus on Bluff and Disguise checks.
= Special Attacks (see above): Detect thoughts.
= Special Qualities (see above): Change shape, immunity to sleep and charm effects.
= Automatic Languages:[/b] Common. Bonus Languages: Auran, Dwarven, Elven, Gnome, Halfling, Giant, Terran.
= Favored Class: Rogue.
= Level adjustment +4.

Personality: Fiercely loyal to Caretaker she protects the trading post, any characters damaging the landscape or business property meets with her ire and wrath. When character get brawdy or look like they are about to fight, Mimick will escort them and direct the characters to take it out side. She holds grudges, is temperamental and those who cross her are not forgotten. If you upset or get on her bad side, gain a reputation for being a trouble maker, your characters will pay. This means accomdiations, meals and drinks will cost offending characters more. She will serve your offending character last and just might put you on her list of unwelcome guests.

Quote :

This is Mimick's list
Those who find their names on this list have either impressed and gain special treatment from mimick when visiting, or has crossed her and find themselves unwelcome and paying more for services.

Mimicks Privilaged

Mimicks naughty list
Quote :

Common ship for merchant vessel's in trading posts harbor

The Fore & Aft Rig
The fore and aft rig, or schooner rig, required only a small crew, and was generally used in the coastal and fishing trades. Ships with this rig could point higher into the wind and were usually more maneuverable when working in the changing winds along the coast. The rig was not limited to coastal schooners, and big fore-and-afters could be seen plying across the Western Ocean bound for European ports, the West Indies, or South America.

Coastal Schooner
The work horse of our coastal trade. She was probably not much more than a hundred tons, and carried everything from timber and coal to bricks, general cargo, and a load of hay to offshore island communities. Our schooner is shown with only a main topmast, but many also carried a fore topmast. Note the yawl boat towing astern.

Tern Schooner
A three master built in great numbers all along our shores between 1880 and 1920. These vessels were cargo carriers of between 200 and 400 tons, requiring a crew of six to eight. Our Tern is shown with all sails set except staysails between the masts. As the years went by these softwood vessels would become waterlogged, sails would wear out, and spars break. With the inroads made by the steamer, the old schooners were hard pressed to find a cargo. A few did survive until World War II.


Music - Ask before playing any music.

Fighting - ALLOWED - Violence and fighting is tolerated and welcomed. As long as both parties have agreed and are playing along. Take into consideration that all actions have consequences, so if your character’s breaking something or hurt someone your character will gain a reputation. Not all violence is welcomed by Npc’s, flashy entrances or those always showing up bleeding might get more attention then they wanted or not at all. If your character breaks furniture or damage characters property don’t be surprised if the Npc’s are less welcoming or charge your character more for drinks. It is merely your character’s reputation preceding them. This is called building history, good or bad both is acknowledged if you the player archive your roleplay in group.

Killing - ALLOWED - This is a full rp room which includes killing. So if your character has a big mouth. I hope they can handle themselves. Also if your character gets killed in this room and tries to come back without a viable reason, you WILL be IGNORED. There is no one hit kills, all powers take time to perform and all actions are in attempts to engage there is no forced posting. A players decide on if an action hits or not, this goes from a simple action as a caress to a full out punch. Players must give the other player a chance to respond before making their next post.

Feeding - ALLOWED - At your own risk. (This is for those who are playing supernatural or cannibalistic characters. Attacking player and Npc characters is a cause and reaction situation. Engage and make encounters at your characters own risk and reputation. As all actions have consequences).

T1/Creative Writing Only - Para-posting only (posts consisting of at least three- five lines. We understand sometimes posts might run longer due to situations and number of characters in a room being engaged. Do not feel pressured to write lengthy posts if nothing more is needed to be explained or described. Meaning I don't want to see any abbreviated words. No "U" "UR" "kk" and especially no faces IC. It is taken as an insult to those of us who actually put time and effort into these story lines.

Cybering/Adult Content – LIMITED - Adult content is fine to an extent. Remember to be mindful of others and keep full on sexual content to private rooms (full on penetration scenes to PC and kept between consenting Adult players unless the room is an AP room/ Trading post setting is not AP so keep this in mind). Rape and violence is tolerated in the Nyxare’s realm, but keep in mind all actions have consequence in role play. Again, do not take actions of characters personally.

18 + Due to the content of some of stories, we prefer that the only players allowed to the rooms be that of 18 years of age or over. Our role play group though still starting out has strict rules about under aged players. In IMVU we find it is better safe then sorry and save a lot of us a lot of trouble be taking on this rule. One that is strictly enforced by our storyteller.

OOC comments - We prefer when not having to go over important details for roleplay that you keep it IC but, if you need to speak " out of character " that you keep it in parentheses or brackets. ((..)) {..} [...] . Whichever sets you prefer.

No mixing IC/OOC - Please keep OOC to OOC and IC to IC Less drama the better for everyone.

No harassing or grieving - No harassment will be tolerated. If it gets to a point the player/s who are involved find it too much to handle them selves the problem will be removed. Respect players right to privacy, members are not required to be friends to play. All members acknowledge upon signing up that it is for ROLE PLAY purposes only. You may talk and chat out of character sometimes, but this is a role play group. Both intimacy and violence goes on between characters when in sessions. Do not take things personally if a character’s are making an encounter that is abusive, or romantic.

Teleportation - If you simply try to teleport within the city or the empire with no proper reason, it will not be happening. If you travel by others means, say through shadows or umbra, which ever means you do. It is acceptable, as long as it is not ' blinking in and out of existence in one post. 'You must have sufficient explanation. No matter where outside the barrier you come from. ALL characters not born to the realm or already living here as Citizens come to the realm the same way. They all start by being taken from what ever place they were to before, and dumped into Erebus forest. From there they come to the other locations on the map. Only a few characters playing Merchants once cleared may claim to be coming from a ship and transported through a trade route portal. Caretaker himself creates these portals and only cleared merchant vessels are able to use them. Caretaker being the master of portals and of the trade routes prevents and allows all outside vessels in entering the realm through preset wormholes/portals to other places. They are not left open Caretaker brings the ships through them once it has been agreed upon a route between realms for trade being had.

Modern things - In accordance of the main players of the story it has been decided upon that the entire empire though able to bring in modern clothing and coins. Guns and technology, such as television, phones, cars, computers, electricity in the modern sense will be nullified or dissolved upon entering the barrier which protects and surrounds the entire empire. Cars, electric trains aren't even able to pass the border. The only things able to come within the realm are those upon the body except guns. Guns upon a person will dissolve away into nothing. Nyxares itself is occurring in present time, just is a land onto itself separated by the barrier/curtain. Modern coins = 1 copper coin as modern coins have less than 90percent copper in their material component. Paper money has only worth to those Nyxarean’s who might cross the barrier into other realms. Most Nyxarean citizens find Modern paper money from beyond the barrier realms a novelty. A few citizens may collect it and in that there might be some material worth as a novelty item. Fashionable clothing from beyond the barrier is highly sought after many of the Nyxarean tailors incorporate both old and new into their fashion trends. So citizens of Nyxare’s have a wide range of fashion tastes from old world classical to high fashion.

Setting - Though some modern influences can occasionally be seen in clothing or even that of decorating. Heritage and old cultures are the main focus within the Empire. The Trading post is located close to Erebus forest in the south east found to the shores of Himinglaeva harbor, and has many visiting dignitaries and merchant traders passing through its businesses. The Main trading post building has bathing faculties and a pub and working kitchen to serve guests. There visitors may re coup from travels and educate themselves on the locations of neighboring Cities, and villages within the Barrier lands of Nyxares. The Trading post is a place of business and rest. Beyond the Trading posts main building can be found renters cabins. These can be rented out to visitors who are visiting or needing to relax, they are not permanent dwellings and squatters will be evicted if they are not paying their tabs. People may seek employment and make the Trading post location their character home if they are willing to work in the bakery or the trading post it self, either as servers, bakers, or craftsmen’ possible positions available to take as a job in role play. The building itself is crafted out of Dark wood from the Erebus forest it is a rare wood that is a main export of the Nyxare’s realm.

Quote :

No one can claim to work for the trading post without having an interview with Caretaker (Myself In character, and after having been talked with out of character) Accepted players as employees will be listed below. All employees who are active will be given Mod abilities and are expected to use it responsibly.  

Available positions

Harbor Master: A harbourmaster (or harbormaster, see spelling differences) is an official responsible for enforcing the regulations of a particular harbour or port, in order to ensure the safety of navigation, the security of the harbour and the correct operation of the port facilities.

Harbourmasters are normally responsible for issuing local safety information sometimes known as Notice to Mariners.
They may also oversee the maintenance and provision of navigational aids within the port, co-ordinate responses to emergencies, inspect vessels and oversee pilotage services.
The harbourmaster may have legal power to detain, caution or even arrest persons committing an offence within the port or tidal range of the port's responsibilities. An example of this is the team of Harbourmasters employed by the Port of London Authority who are empowered to undertake an enforcement role.
Actions that a harbourmaster may investigate include criminal acts, immigration, customs and excise, maritime and river safety and environmental and pollution issues. The police, customs, coastguard or immigration authorities will take over the handling of any offenders or incident once informed by the Harbourmaster.

Servers: (in bakery/ merchant booths) Aides and helps characters acquire wares, must understand the value of the items in the general information section. Know about the items they are selling to make it a more enriched experience for players.
Quote :

. Raelyn Shayla Kimberlee (Works for Bakery, training in main trade building with Mimick)
Wenches: (Pub in Trading post) Tend to guests of the tavern and trading post. Must understand the general information threads and make references from it when playing. (Should be able to recite out of character greeting regarding it being a roleplay setting and answer questions to scene and group if needed)

Scullery maid: (cook/ kitchen staff) Should have general knowledge of medieval and modern cooking techniques and be willing to portray a character in a lower caste position without taking things out of character. Should have general understanding of cooking herbs and cleaning supplies, it’s a thankless job but some ones got to do it

Positions and employees are subject to change
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(RP:Nyxares) - Trading post - IC & OOC Information - GA
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