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 (RP:Torant) - The Garden Drinkery - IC & OOC Information - GA

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PostSubject: (RP:Torant) - The Garden Drinkery - IC & OOC Information - GA   7/9/2012, 2:28 am


{-Establishment Name-}
The Garden Drinkery

A drinkery, definition - barroom; tavern. A place where people can gather and grab a drink in an old mansion on estate grounds. Current year. Time setting, Eastern Standard Time.

696 Burton Way, Torant, Canada. (Fictional location)

The Garden Drinkery, is an establishment inside of an old building that has a shady past. Set on an old estate. The garden drinkery is surrounded by lands that has not only a run down garden with a gazebo but swamps, and a cemetary. The gothic designed estate is located further on the outskirts of the city that is is near. Down the road of Burton Way. It is secluded by the surrounding forests putting 10 miles in all directions between the Garden Drinkery from any neighbors.

The residents who knew of the run down estate that had been on the market for some time had hoped the newest owner would remodel the place. Unfortunately over a years time passed with no such signs of improvement instead rumors started to circulate of an unsavory nature. Making the old gothic estate the center of gossip that people avoided to the extreme. Strangle tales of horror scenes, skin crawling eerie whispers and things to threaten kids with who weren't behaving. These days the villagers kept to their tales as all of them avoided the place.

The description of the neighborhood of the city in which this estate claims as home is nothing short of charming. With a main street that goes down the center of Historical District. Every historical building is beautifully kept to keep the rich atmosphere of this pricey downtown district booming. Complimenting its seclusion people here live a quiet life in their vacation homes but even for the working man who lives here year round. The district standards of Victorian and Edwardian-era are kept up to code in Wichwood for an old world feel but with every comfort and accessibility of the modern age.

Joanna Wright

Grigoryi Adam Vespillo

{-Notable NPC-}
Mary Mckennen
Species = Immortal Human / Soul is owned by Tantalize /

Advantages by pact =
Immune to Possession,
Healing Physical Damage,  
*Lore of Humanity – Translate – The demon(in this case thrall) can understand (an be understood by) mortals, regardless of what language they speak.

Employed = The Drinkery. Waitress, bartender and maid. Servant to Ms. Wright aka Tantalize/Tant. She takes on the duties of a private secretary for Ms.Wright's businesses/business outside of her law firm. Runs various errands for Tant, keeps things in order when Tant and Grigoryi are away.
Age = 33
Body type = Curvy
Martial Status = Married
(Husband - Tommy | Current Status: Alive)
Children = 2 boys
(6- Aidan | Current Status: Alive) & (10 -Tiernan | Current Status: Alive)
Hair = Curly Strawberry Blonde
Religion = Catholic
Ethnicity = Caucasian - American Irish
Eyes = Green
Height = 5'5"
Weight = 130lbs
Flaws = Vice - coffee, collaborator
Merits = Loyal, great liar

Background = Made a deal with Tant at a hospital while her husband and two kids were in comas from a car crash. She sold her soul to save their lives and to relieve her guilt. Currently living with her family outside of the Drinkery but is close by. Tends to call Grigoryi "Adam". Is courteous to Tantalize, acts reserved can be observed as dumbfounded awe or fear at times. Bows respectfully. Is more the teacher mentor motherly type towards Grigoryi.

Has built up a tolerance to gore.

Upon her death if it should happen, her soul will leave her body to enter in what designated item Tant has deemed for her holding it will stay there until Tant re-inserts the soul into Mary's body or select her a new form.
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(RP:Torant) - The Garden Drinkery - IC & OOC Information - GA
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