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 - Guidelines for Room Information -

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PostSubject: - Guidelines for Room Information -   7/8/2012, 10:26 pm

- How to name the topic when posting on the forum -
For rooms inside the barrier which is in Nyxares itself. NE then the name of the room and then IC & OOC Information. For rooms to what we refer to as The Modern World, then use TMW then add on the end if it is for General Audience or Access Pass

(Example - NE - Aceso Falls - IC & OOC Information GA)

- IC Information -
Restrictions: (Example - No shoes no shirt no services, safe haven magical spell actived that prevents spellcasting.)
Manager/Second in Command/ect:
Menu: (If tavern/bar/nightclub/ect)
Notable NPCS: (Example - Name, Age, Appearance Description, Race, Powers)
IC Rules/Laws:

- OOC Information -
Room Owner:
OOC Rules:
OOC Moderators:

- Mandatory Nyxares Restrictions & Rules -
Restrictions - For rooms -inside- the barrier are as followed: Rooms of said nature are automatically modern technology and gun prohibited.

Killing/Fighting/Feeding - For all rooms having to do with storylines of Nyxares as a whole, inside the empire and outside: rooms are automatically kill zones, fight zones, and feeding zones. The only acceptable means for these settings to change is if it were to make it IC impossible for characters to carry out such acts. Simple preference/laws/rules whether it be IC or OOC do not give viable enough reason to do so. (Examples for acceptable changes: Spells that prohibit such acts from physically happening. Even if said room wanted to use such a spell the condition must be approved by the head DM of Nyxares. )

Rules - For all rooms having to do with storylines of Nyxares:
Players must be 18+ due to the graphic nature of the stories. Only acceptable writing styles are T1 - Paraposting
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- Guidelines for Room Information -
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