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 (RP:Nyxares) - Aceso Falls - IC & OOC Information - GA

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PostSubject: (RP:Nyxares) - Aceso Falls - IC & OOC Information - GA   4/3/2011, 3:19 pm

Name:  Aceso Falls

Setting: Exotic mineral springs inside a secret valley.

Location: Southeast of Onogoro village 10 miles off the Siren coast.

Description: Aceso falls is a hidden exotic treasure amongst the lands in Nyxares. Located southeast from Onogoro village. Not many have been able to witness the natural beauty of the valley but, those who have consider themselves lucky to say the least. Its splendor is unrivaled in the countryside. The peace that emits from almost ever fiber can radiate to the soul. Those who have tread here to bask in the majesty come to find that even the most peaceful place can be the most deadly. With its open arms the scene will welcome you, however the guardians of Aceso will not be so warm hearted.

Long ago before guardians existed to this place, a secret was kept to only the seldom few and fewer that understood. Potent minerals the earth produced seeped into the spring water and the plant life itself that surrounded the area. With it, the gift of healing was granted through untainted natural abilities by mother nature.

For years the place went unchecked, and undisturbed until the days came when guardians were needed to look after such a rarity. It was back when unknown traveling wolves had stumbled on the place and revered in all its glory that they beheld. To this day the wolves are not completely sure themselves how the healing capabilities came to Aceso Falls but, it is certain to them. Being creatures close
close to nature. That such a gift should be looked after.

Requested by the red king himself, he asked for permission from the dark twins to be able to look after such a sacred place and it was with their granting. That the Onogoro wolves became the guardians of Aceso, and with it that section of earth being their territory.

Under their watch, the hidden valley has remained untouched but overtly outside influences. Purity is held to the highest degree in this nestled section of Nyxares.

Allowances have been made for medical functions. It is kept small and natural to be none evasive to the delicate nature of the surrounding area. The only man made things built here have been  for cases of healing. Beyond that will the wolves with not allow any further taint to what they consider sacred.

Located up at the top of the largest tree is an area that is platformed. To this platform is what is called the Healer's Hold. Made sturdy to not fall under extreme conditions, this peaceful area has a view to soothe any soul in distress. It takes a pull loft to reach such a height but, the location once there one can see why it was chosen for the healers to tend to the sick.

Restrictions: Pack laws for the Aceso falls come with a strict fist or paw as one should say. Follow or pay the penalties. The laws for this place can be called simple. Respect the land, no trees or plant life are cut here unless needed for a purpose.

Guardians: The Onogoro Wolf pack
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PostSubject: Re: (RP:Nyxares) - Aceso Falls - IC & OOC Information - GA   7/13/2011, 1:21 am


Fighting - ALLOWED - Violence and fighting is tolerated and welcomed. As long as both parties are in agreeance

Killing - ALLOWED - This is a full rp room which includes killing. So if your character has a big mouth. I hope they can handle themselves. Also if your character gets killed in this room and tries to come back without a viable reason, you WILL be IGNORED.

Feeding - ALLOWED - At your own risk.

T1/Creative Writing Only - Para-posting only. Meaning I don't want to see any abbreviated words. No "U" "UR" "kk" and especially no faces IC. It is taken as an insult to those of us who actually put time and effort into these story lines.

Cybering/Adult Content - LIMITED - Adult content is fine to an extent. Remember to be mindful of others and keep full on sexual content to private rooms. If I catch full on cybering going on in this room you will be booted no questions asked and depending on the situation you might be reported.

18 + Due to the content of some of stories, we prefer that the only players allowed to the rooms be that of 18 years of age or over. Our role play group though still starting out has strict rules about under aged players. In IMVU we find it is better safe then sorry and save a lot of us a lot of trouble be taking on this rule. One that is strictly enforced by our storyteller.

OOC comments - We prefer when not having to go over important details for rp that you keep it IC but, if you need to speak " out of character " that you keep it in parentheses or brackets. ((..)) {..} [...] . Whichever sets you prefer.

No mixing IC/OOC - Please keep OOC to OOC and IC to IC. Less drama, the better for everyone.

No harassing or grieving - No harassment will be tolerated. If it gets to a point the player/s who are involved find it too much to handle themselves, the problem will be removed

Teleportation - If you simply try to teleport within the city or the empire with no proper reason, it will not be happening. If you travel by others means, say through shadows or umbra, which ever means you do. It is acceptable, as long as it is not ' blinking in and out of existence in one post. ' You must have sufficient explanation.

Modern things - In agreeance of the main players of the story it has been decided upon that the entire empire though able to bring in modern clothing. Guns and technology, such as television, phones, cars, computers, electricity in the modern sense will be nullified or dissolved upon entering the barrier which protects and surrounds the entire empire. Cars, electric trains aren't even able to pass the border. The only things able to come within the realm are those upon the body except guns. Guns upon a person will dissolve away into nothing.

Setting - Though some modern influences can occasionally be seen in clothing or even that of decorating. Heritage and old cultures are the main focus within the empire. The Aceso Falls is located close to the Onogoro Village and is sacred to the Onogoro wolf pack. The water is high in minerals which gives it cleaning properties for injuries. Helps in the healing process. A lovely and peaceful place for the most part.
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(RP:Nyxares) - Aceso Falls - IC & OOC Information - GA
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