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 Erebus Forest (Starting point for all new characters into Nyxares Empire)Please Read first.

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PostSubject: Erebus Forest (Starting point for all new characters into Nyxares Empire)Please Read first.   3/2/2011, 10:52 am

Erebus Forest

- Highlighted in red on the map below indicates where the forest is located. -

OOC Information: Nyxares Empire: Erebus Forest

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Strictly enforced - T1 RP & 18+ Only due to graphic content, KZ-FZ, IC entrance.
No modern tech & guns.OOC to (these)

Setting: A dark foreboding forest with a mysterious fog. Anyone may get lost.Onogoro Pack Territory.

Location: Throughout Nyxares

Scene Npc's hostile wildlife :

In Character room Scene for those entering/room in character description:

Your character likely was roaming in another realm, perhaps it was their home land. Maybe they were on the run from something, or just walking minding their own. When rather randomly they may or may not have noticed a shimmering before their steps. It might appear as a mirage, or heat waves lifting from the ground. If the character passed through this shimmering effect they find themselves torn from their realm and shot through a rift like one sliding from one dimension to another. Nothing would really be seen aside a blur of landscape all around them if they don't pass out. This rift opens up and deposits the visitor unceremoniously into a dark forest called Erebus forest (which is a scene & room onto itself)

This forest extends across the Empire's north reaching from the West to East. It's a dark forest with a thick fog which offers both cover to some and makes it near impossible to see for others. When your there eyes watch you, the canopy of trees host murders of ravens that give beady intelligent eyes your way. The wildlife in that forest seems hostile and hungry, the very soil seems against you. Some might smell wolves, others especially humans would hear howls of Wargs.
Quote :

The wolf that one hears is worse than the orc that one fears.

— J.R.R. Tolkien

Npc: The Warg

Description: Wargs are mutated wolves of gruesome appearance vicious and unfriendly to anyone who is not known to them. These Wargs would keep out of sight and through their actions end up shepherding your character to the Coven house. To get there the Wargs would have herded your character north through Erebus and up the steep slope of the Volcano's edge taken you to find a crude staircase carved up its side, from there the presence of the Warg's would slacken, but ravens would be seen circling the sky riding the air currents.

Battle stats:
  • The warg servant uses 2 units of bloodlust per attack.
  • The warg servant has a 10% chance of intercepting an opponent's attack on you.
  • The warg servant has a 20% chance of making a passive attack on an opponent when you are attacked
  • Warg is more likely to make itself physically known to a human lost in the forest then non human.
  • No Wargs that are NPC'd unless played by Coven member as their mount is considered to be one of the Coven members own mounts. These Wargs encountered in Erebus are wild there to shepherd mortals of human origins to the Cryptic Salvation house only. Unless a Member of the Cryptic Salvation's coven are roaming in Erebus and these NPC wargs are used to direct you to them instead, other times they may direct roamers to an Onogoro pack member if they are loose in the forest. Any creatures other than human's are left to their own devices.

  • Ferocious charge:When activated the Ferocious charge seems to deal between 5 and 10 physical damage per battle / per round (against common human 10 is a knock out)
  • Impact:The Impact is gained at the beginning of combat and deals direct physical damage against the opponent.
  • Paradigm shift:The paradigm shift is an offensive buff that changes the type of damage the Warg does.


    The paradigm shift is gained only at the beginning of combat.
    It merely increases Physical damage done when attacking victim or foe.

  • Enrage: The enrage feat always inflicts a large amount of physical damage to an opponent.

**information provided by Vapenstil concerning wargs much of write up is found on her page too
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Erebus Forest (Starting point for all new characters into Nyxares Empire)Please Read first.
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