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 (RP:Nyxares) - Village of the Onogoro - IC & OOC Information - GA

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PostSubject: (RP:Nyxares) - Village of the Onogoro - IC & OOC Information - GA   3/14/2010, 7:42 pm

- Village of the Onogoro -
(Onogoro Village)

Name: Onogoro Village

Setting: Center of the secluded rural Japanese garou village. Onogoro wolf pack territory.

Location: Northwest of Necropolis in the Ōkami(wolf) mountains on Okamitaira. (Wolf Plateau)

Description: To the northern parts of Nyxares. This village sits secluded up in the high mountains on a large lush plateau. o get to this plateau. One must travel through the dark forest Erebus then up treacherous steep mountain sides. Once to the plateau. Rich green farmlands can be seen, along with  rice fields and rural Japanese homes. Dirt roads once found and traveled will take adventurers to the to the main part of the village.

At the center of the village is the heart of the community not only for the ruling family but for the residents as well. It is where they socialize, come to set up for the local market, where village meetings are held here in the main hall, and is the only location where there is an inn. For safety a wall separates the main part of the village from the rural, giving the option of closing its doors for its villagers in the time of danger.

History: Onogoro Village was established by the first Tsukimoto Clan generation; those born to the moon god and his human princess lover. To this day it is still unknown what caused people to seek out the Tsukimotos or made them stay to build lives around them but regardless of what their reasons. This was the beginning of Onogoro Village and the Onogoro wolf pack.

During the beginning, under the leadership of the Tsukimotos village life was steady. It would not be until the great war when things would eventually cause things to change. Under this change what promising haven Onogoro once held changed from being steady to that of a constantly moving village. Many people stayed but others abandoned the life that was taken from them. Since that time, from place to place the village would plant then uproot themselves to keep history from repeating itself.

That ever moving practice would keep in place for eras of time to pass by. It wouldn't be until the tenno of the village, Hayate, met the twins Empyreal and Ethereal that things would be given a chance to change. Over time the acquaintances grew to know each other quite well and with the trust that was grown. An offer was brought up from the twins to Hayate. That if he and his people would watch over what wild lands they possessed at that time. They could have a permanent safe place to live without fear of history repeating. It would take Hayate some time to finally accept the offer but in the end that is what happened. With the agreement settled upon. The Onogoro wolf pack set up its village for the last time. Making a permanent homeland inside the realm of Nyxares.  

The land that was offered up to the wolves was more to the north from where the twins had their city. To get there a traveler would have to take a route through the forest they watch over then up the mountains that trim it.

Upon those mountains that over looked Erebus forest, the forest they were asked to take responsibility for.  They chose a position that was hidden away on a plateau. That way not only would they be safe from enemies but it would make it perfect for watching over Erebus below and the possibility of regular village life. After the location was decided that was when construction of the village started.  It would take a good amount of time for a proper village to spring up but in the end it was worth all the effort. For the first time in years they were able to construct one that would last ages. Compared to their set ups in the past this one was done more spread out and the vast amount of land that was offered on the plateau the people took full advantage of. With a beauty that was taken from their forefathers, a plain green plateau was transformed to resemble that of a feudal Japan.

As it is set up today not much different from the start of the project. To the heart of the village where most visitors visit, inside the protective wall that surrounds it, is the main part of the village.  Despite of its small appearance the welcoming beacon of the village is only a speck of a much larger spread out community. Surrounding the center are vasts amount of farms, rice fields and rural country homes that are spread out through the lush green plateau.

To any visitors the place would bring peace to their hearts merely from its appearance but, it is known fact that although many visit only few can stay. It is true that there was an Inn made to the main village for the weary to rest but, only humans or wolves may find safe haven to this peaceful village.

Laws of the Onogoro
1. Unlike other other packs. The Onogoro is ruled like in the ways of a monarchy. The Tsukimoto clan will always be the bloodline that rules.

2. The chosen are the fate destined leaders of the Onogoro.  A chosen is a child born only from the Tsukimoto Clan with the specifics of red fur, red blood colored hair, and has to be born under a blood stained moon. If at any given time a Chosen one dies or becomes unable to do their duty as ruler, and no other has yet been born, the responsibilities of alpha/king will pass to the eldest Tsukimoto male relative. If at any time no Chosen or male relatives are available, the eldest female Tsukimoto becomes next in the line of succession. When a Chosen is born during the reign of one who is not a Chosen, that male or female relative will become regent then step down for the Chosen to rule when time is right. If at any time two Chosen are born at the same time, or exist at the same time; the eldest will become ruler.

3. All who want to reside on Onogoro land must apply to do so. All new applicants whether it be a family unit or just an individual must put their case before the ruling Alpha, who is the only that can approve or deny their application.  Those who wish to speak to the Alpha concerning such matters are allowed to speak their peace before the judgement is made. Any who are found residing on Onogoro land without permission will be brought to the attention of the Alpha for a ruling, then handled by the Beta.

4. All those who wish to become part of the pack must be brought forth before the ruling Alpha.

5. All disagreements that can not be handled between said parties and have found to be disruptive to the group will be brought before the ruling Alpha to be dealt with accordingly.

6. All title ranks are from those who follow the practices of said field/profession. Approval from the Alpha must be sought before fully being able to go out into the field and getting the official title. All titles must be earned.

7. Marriage or choosing of a mate can be done at any time, but until it is made official by an open ceremony or acknowledgement of others. Both parties would be considered free reign.

7(a). Also, to addition to #6 more than one mate is acceptable, although it is frowned upon by some and it is only the males who may have more than one female. The female on the other hand may only have one male.

7.(b) Same sex marriages are not acceptable as they would not benefit the group by production means. If you wish to pursue a person of the same sex, you may.  

8. Separation is acceptable. The laws for divorce are to have an undoing ceremony done by the same person who performed the marriage ceremony or by the Alpha if so wish it.

9. At any time, any one who is part of the Onogoro has a right to speak with their Alpha when in need. Just as the Alpha as the right to deny conversation if it is only the same one being repeated.  All pack members must be given a place of residence, and if an active member of rank they must be given adequate pay. Any members who die during service who leave behind families, their families will be looked after and honored.

10. Is it under old sayings that the Alpha must do what is necessary for the preservation of the group. Whether some see it as good or bad deeds. The alpha's top concern should and always be for the good of their people.

11. Killing. All wolves and humans alike are free to defend themselves, be it their honor, mental or physical health or the protection of others. All killings should be reported to the royal house, and only in crude circumstances to where the party were innocent and murdered that severe punishment will be handled down by the Alpha. In questionable circumstances a trial will be held.

12. Rape. Rape is a punishable and inexcusable offense without exception. All cases will be investigated seriously, and those who lie about such wrong doings will be punished as well. All accounts should be brought to the attention of the Beta and Alpha.

13. Thievery, is not an acceptable offense. All cases shall go through the beta and guardians.

14. For all crimes the Alpha should be notified but, for only the major offenses shall the Alpha handle judgement. For minor crimes, the Alpha has appointed the Beta and the Guardians to look after the people.

15. No harm should befall the nature of the forest around them or to the plateau unless needed.

16. All are to pitch in to contribute to the village lifestyle, everyone has a duty no matter how small that might be. Life to the village is not free.

17. No buildings are to be constructed other than in Japanese design.
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PostSubject: Re: (RP:Nyxares) - Village of the Onogoro - IC & OOC Information - GA   7/13/2011, 1:29 am

18 + Only! - Our role-play group though still starting out has strict rules about under aged players. In IMVU we find it is better safe then sorry and save a lot of us trouble by taking on this rule. One that is strictly enforced by our storyteller.

T1/Creative Writing Only - Meaning I don't want to see any abbreviated words. No "U" "UR" "kk" and especially no faces IC! It is taken as an insult to those of us who actually put time and effort into these storylines.

OOC comments - We prefer when not having to go over important details for rp that you keep it IC but, if you need to speak " out of character " that you keep it in parentheses or brackets. ((..)) {..} [...] . All sets work for me.

Feeding - If you are a vampire, and wish to make a meal out of one of the residents of the village. You may try but, know that will be acknowledging IC, to open yourself for a fight or be killed. So its allowed but, take in the risks first.

Killing/Dying - This is a full rp room which includes killing/dying. So if your character decides to make trouble. I hope they can handle themselves. Also if your character gets killed in this room and tries to come back without a viable reason, you WILL be IGNORED.

Weapons - Unlike most rooms. We don't care if you carry any. We won't automatically ask you to remove them before we even know IC if you are carrying any.  Except gun since non can pass through the barrier.

No Cybering/Adult Content - Adult content is fine to a point, rated R. Be mindful of others and keep the cybering to private rooms. If you are caught  doing full on cybering in this room you will be booted no questions asked and depending on the situation you might be reported.

Teleportation - Sorry but, no teleporting in Nyxares Empire.

Modern things/Technology - In agreement of the main players of the story it has been decided upon that the entire empire though able to bring in modern clothing. Guns and technology, such as television, phones, cars, computers, electricity will be nullified or dissolved upon entering the barrier which protects and surrounds the entire empire. Cars, electric trains aren't even able to pass the border. The only things able to come within the realm are those upon the body except guns. Guns upon a person will dissolve away into nothingness.

Location -  To the northern parts of Nyxares. This village sits upon a hidden plateau. A plateau that is high in the mountain range. To get to this plateau. One must travel through the dark forest Erebus then up treacherous steep mountain sides. Once to the plateau. Rich green farmlands can be seen, along with  rice fields and rural Japanese homes. Dirt roads once found and traveled will take adventurers to the
to the main part of the village

Setting - Though some modern influences can occasionally be seen in clothing or even that of the decor. Heritage and old cultures are the main focus within the empire but, the time frame is the current modern time.

Music -  PLEASE Ask before playing any music. A lot of us wear headphones and for some reason alot of the music in IMVU is really loud.

Playable NPCs -
Saito Isaye (The Inn Keeper)
-Female- Who is the Cook's wife is a short happy motherly lady that is very curvy with brown eyes and black hair. She is of Japanese heritage. She dresses traditional Japanese fashion and doesn't let anyone boss her around with the exceptions of those who hold ranks. She is the one most seen in the dinning area and tending to customers

Saito Daisuke (The Cook)
-Male- He is the Inn Keeper's husband, is a tall thin quiet man with brown eyes and black hair that is of Japanese heritage. Like his wife he dresses in traditional Japanese fashion. Though most of the time happy occasionally he could be heard arguing with his wife from sticking up to him..He keeps more to the kitchen than to any other section of the Inn.

Saito Fujitaka (First born child of the Inn Keeper and Cook) -Male- Fujitaka is 18 years of age. He acts a typical protective older brother to his younger siblings especially when company is around. He can be found crossing his arms standing guard often but has been known to be a playful spirit. He has almond shaped brown eyes and black hair like his parents which is kept long and in a pony tail. He is of the same heritage of his parents and often wears the traditional Japanese clothing.

Saito Moriko ( Second born child of the Inn Keeper and Cook) -Female- Moriko is 16 years of age. Out of the three is the more shy bookworm that comes with a hint of seriousness to her but has been known to act her age when comfortable which is when her sweet happy demeanor comes across. She too has brown eyes which are rounded and black hair like her parents, that she wears free and long to her waist. Wears the same traditional clothing.

Saito Miyoko (The yongest born child of the Inn Keeper and Cook) -Female- Miyoko is 4 years of age. She is the sweetest of the three. Tends to be carrying around a bunny stuffed animal with her. Mostly following her older siblings she stands behind them when shy but when she knows the person can be out going and loving. Her brown eyes are almond shaped and her black hair is usually kept in pig tails. She is of the same heritage as the rest of her family and dresses in the same fashion.

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The Seneschal Nemesis

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PostSubject: Re: (RP:Nyxares) - Village of the Onogoro - IC & OOC Information - GA   7/13/2011, 1:31 am

Hello! and welcome to the FAQs part. I hope your curiousity gets satisfied with these answers but, if you can not find the answer to your question. Please feel free to ask me by either sending me a private message on the board, or by messenger or finding me in a room.

Q: Why if this is a werewolf storyline that the alpha can not be challenged?
A: Because this storyline is not set up like other wolf packs. This storyline follows leadership of a monarchy, that there are royal bloodlines. So to answer is short, the Tsukimoto clan is of royal blood and although yes royalty can be over thrown. The Tsukimoto were risen to the line of royal blood and treated such ways because of their people. They did not choose this themselves. It is the believe system that brought them uphigh, and by fate that they rule.

Q: If the Tsukimoto's are royalty, what sort of royalty are they if the ruler is called by the wolven term Alpha?
A: By human standards, even though their community is only a village. The Alpha would be as high as a king in the Nyxares Empire and the rest of his rest following the chain. Prince, Princess..ect.

Q: If the basis background of this story is of Japanese, does my character have to be of asian ethinicity?
A: No it does not. Everyone accepted to play in the storyline is allowed to have any sort of background.

Q: Who is in charge of/made the storyline for the Onogoro wolf pack?
A: The player of Tsukimoto Hayate with the help of Tsukimoto Tadao

Q: If the board is down and I have no other way of reaching you whom can I speak with to let you know I need to speak to you?
A: The player of TsukimotoTadao or TsukimotoKanae or TsukimotoStarfire
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PostSubject: Re: (RP:Nyxares) - Village of the Onogoro - IC & OOC Information - GA   

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(RP:Nyxares) - Village of the Onogoro - IC & OOC Information - GA
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