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 Physical States (Injury, Remaining Active, Healing)

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The Seneschal Nemesis
The Seneschal Nemesis

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PostSubject: Physical States (Injury, Remaining Active, Healing)   2/8/2011, 11:43 pm

Physical States

((Keep in mind the below is injury accounted by system rules, which we do not follow. We freestyle this system, do combative damage is taken by knowing what your character is capable of and your enemy. There is no marking off health levels or penalties in points. These are for strictly examples to help guide in freestyle combat. ))


Whether inflicted by a bullet, a speeding car or the claws
of a werewolf, injuries are represented in the same way in
Werewolf: the Health Trait. Every character has seven
health levels. As a character receives wounds, the plaffr
indicates them by marking off the health levels on the
character sheet. The last level marked indicates the character's
current health. As the character becomes more injured, she
travels down the spectrum toward Incapacitated. Likewise, as
she heals, the player erases the marks until none remain.

A character can suffer the following three types of damage:

• Boshing damage is inflicted by blunt attacks of relatively
low velocity (clubs, punches, kicks, etc.).

• Lethal damage is inflicted by more deadly attacks
that rupture the body and spill blood (bullets, knives,
speeding vehicles, etc.).

• Aggravated damage represents the most grievous tissue
damage, and it is often supernatural in origin. A werewolf s
claws and teeth inflict aggravated damage, as do fire, acid and
other sources of extreme trauma — such as chainsaw wounds.
(All three damage types are discussed in detail in the
Combat section.)

'•'' For each success on an opponent's damage roll, the
character is dealt one health level of damage. However, the
clprafeter's natural toughness gives her a chance to absorb
some of this damage. Therefore, the actual amount of
damage taken depends not only on the force of the attack,
but on the Stamina of the target. (Using Stamina to absorb
damage is called soak, which is discussed fully in the Drama
section of this chapter.) Werewolves, unlike mortals, can
attempt!Ifti soak all three types of damage. The distinction
between bashing and lethal damage (which poses little
problem to Garou) and aggravated damage must still be
made. The way one does so is by marking bashing damage on
the character sheet with a slash mark ("/") and marking
lethal damage with an "X"; aggravated damage is best
marked with an asterisk ("*"). Less serious damage should be
moved "down" on the spectrum, since it heals first.

Example: Corina, known to her fellow Gloss Walkers as
Fangs-on-the-Cutting-Edge, is assaulted by three Magadan guards
who've been taught to recognize "warning signs of the possible
terrorist. " Deciding to be safe rather than eviscerated, they open fire .

Corina dodges most of the attacks , but one shot gets through
and she takes two levels of damage. This damage is lethal, since
it came from a gun, and Corina' s player marks off the first two
health levels (Bruised and Hurt) with "X" marks. Corina leaps
toward the guards , hoping to disarm or slay them before they can
fire another volley .She isn't so lucky , however. One of the guards
slashes at her with a silver-edged knife.

The attack is weak, and it inflicts only one health level. Since
it comes from a silver weapon, however, the damage is aggravated.
Corina' s player marks off the Injured health level with an
"X" and changes the Bruised from a slash to an "*" (effectively
"moving" a kvel of lethal damage to the Injured level, since she
will heal this damage first) . Any further aggravated damage
Corina receives will be marked beginning with the Hurt level.

If a werewolf suffers damage that takes her beyond
Incapacitated, she is critically wounded and near death. If the
damage that took her past Incapacitated is bashing damage,
she falls unconscious but stays in whatever form she was in
when she took the damage. She heals at her normal rate as
well (see Healing). She stays unconscious for at least one turn.
During each turn thereafter, her player may choose to have
her stay unconscious and heal, or attempt to wake up. Waking
up requires a successful Stamina + Primal-Urge roll (difficulty
4 + 1 for each health level the character currently has marked
off) . Upon waking up, the character can take action normally,
within the limits of her remaining injury.

If the damage that takes the character past Incapacitated
is lethal damage, the character reverts to her breed
form and collapses. Another health level of any kind will kill
her unless she channels her Rage to remain active. If she is
not injured further, but not tended to, she will regenerate
very slowly, regaining a health level every eight hours until
she regains consciousness enough to change to a form that
regenerates fully (except metis; see Healing). This system is
the only form of regeneration available to non-metis
werewolves in their breed forms, and it is the source of the
myth that werewolves can't be killed with guns. (They
obviously can, but it takes some doing.)

If the damage that takes the character past Incapacitated
is aggravated, she will die unless she channels her Rage
to remain active.

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The Seneschal Nemesis
The Seneschal Nemesis

Posts : 689
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PostSubject: Re: Physical States (Injury, Remaining Active, Healing)   2/8/2011, 11:46 pm

Remaining Active

A critically injured werewolf may attempt to channel her
Rage to save her. Doing so is risky, however, for even if it
succeeds, it throws the character into the depths of frenzy. It
is sometimes the only way to save a character's life, though.

If the player wishes a character to remain active, she
must roll the character's permanent Rage (difficulty 8 ). For
each success, the character heals one health level. However,
no matter how many health levels are healed, the character
begins the next turn in a berserk frenzy.

Example: The fight has gone badly for Corina. While she
managed to disarm the guard armed with the silver knife, the
others have eluded her grasp and continued their assault. The
worst comes when one of them lobs a grenade at her and she fails
to jump clear. The blast takes her below Incapacitated, and the
damage is aggravated. Corina must channel her Rage or die.

Her player rolls Corina' s Rage rating (five dice) at a difficulty
of 8 and manages three successes. Corina heals three health levels
(taking her to Wounded) , and she enters the next turn in a brutal
rage. The guards, who have been standing around congratulating
each other, hear only a low growl and see a gray blur. . . .

The roll to remain active can be attempted only once
per scene. If a character is Incapacitated more than once in
one fight, she takes the worst effects of the damage.

It should be noted, however, that although checks on
the character sheet erase easily, injury does not. Werewolves
heal supernaturally quickly, but even they can receive
lasting injury in the form of Battle Scars
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The Seneschal Nemesis
The Seneschal Nemesis

Posts : 689
Location : Watching you all.

PostSubject: Re: Physical States (Injury, Remaining Active, Healing)   2/8/2011, 11:49 pm


Werewolves heal at a frightening pace. They regenerate one bashing or lethal health level every turn. Homid and lupus-breed Garou can regenerate roughly a health level a day while in their natural forms if they are in critical condition, but doing so requires their bodies to work in overdrive. If they are conscious and moving around in their breed form, they heal as humans do. Metis are blessed with full regeneration in all forms. No Garou, regardless of breed, can regenerate aggravated damage. Aggravated damage is healed at one level per day, during which the Garou must rest in a form other than his natural one (if homid or lupus).

Remember that to regenerate damage while engaged in stressful activity (like combat), the player must consider the Garou's Stamina each turn.  Success means that the Garou heals as normal. Failure means that he heals no damage, and a botch indicates that the werewolf cannot regenerate until he has had a chance to rest.
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PostSubject: Re: Physical States (Injury, Remaining Active, Healing)   

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Physical States (Injury, Remaining Active, Healing)
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