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PostSubject: Roleplay It   Roleplay It I_icon_minitime2/8/2011, 11:07 pm

Roleplay It

Storytellers shouldn't dictate where every experience
point goes. (After all, the character is the player's.) However,
Storytellers should be judicious about what can be
improved. A player should increase only those Traits the
character used or learned about during the story. Traits don't
have to have been used successfully, though. We often learn
more from failure than from success.

Trait increase must be woven into the story. Should
Erik the Ahroun get a dot in Subterfuge just because his
player wants it? Not unless the Storyteller is satisfied with
the justification. If Erik engaged in some form on intrigue on
his last adventure, or if his Shadow Lord septmate were to
give him some instruction, then sure. Perhaps the character
even had an opportunity to train with his mentor between
stories. Otherwise, putting the points in an Ability such as
Survival or Intimidation might reflect his typical lifestyle
more appropriately.

The game is usually enhanced when actions match
point expenditures. Why just say, "My Ahroun gets a spirit
to teach him the Gift: Sense Silver," when finding and
dealing with a Lune could make an excellent subplot or even
a full-blown story ? Likewise, using experience to strengthen
a totem should involve deeds or rituals rather than a simple
expenditure of points.

Feel free to make the experience system as realistic as
you want. By forcing players to make sense of their experiences,
you help them develop their characters more fully.
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Roleplay It
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