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 (RP:Torant) - The Lunar Cafe - IC & OOC Information

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PostSubject: (RP:Torant) - The Lunar Cafe - IC & OOC Information    11/16/2010, 10:02 am

((All information below is for roleplay, not to be taken realistically. You will not be charged anything for roleplaying inside the room. It is merely for roleplay interaction. Torant City is the fictional cityscape created solely for the purpose of this rp.))
Establishment Name
The Lunar Cafe
Located at 120 Westley Boulevard East. Torant, Canada.  -  North East Torant close to the Blood Moon Forest.

A cafe / lounge that showcases artists and serves food. Drinks heavily based on coffee = Alcoholic & Virgin. Free Wifi available to customers.

Situated in a 10 story grey stone building. Lunar Cafe's doors are located directly in front of the building right off of the sidewalk. To the right side, is the private entrance for the residents of the building which houses condos. To the left is an alley way that has a back entrance to the cafe itself. Located only miles away from the notable Necropolis Cemetery and Blood Moon Forest.

Cafe Details
Monday & Thursday
Cafe Hours 6am - 2am
Showcase hours: 7pm - 12am
Showcase performers work for tips only.

Tuesday & Wednesday
Cafe Hours 6am - 2am
Showcase Hours: 9pm - 11pm
Showcase performers work for tips only.

Fri - Saturday
Cafe Hours: 6am - 6am
Band Showcase Hours: 9pm - 2am
Cover: 2$ for locals - 5$ for out-of-towners

Tsukimoto Hayate


Notable NPCs
Bartenders & Barista
-Matsumoto Genji-
Bartender and Limo Driver
Species: Garou
Age: 27
Hair color: Black
Eye color:  Brown
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 225lbs
Homid-Philo-Glass Walker

-Wayne Brouder-
Species: Human
Age: 29
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 230lbs

-Chris Martan-
Species: Human
Age: 30
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Hazel
Height: 6'0
Weight: 180lbs

-Branden Lemieux-
Species: Human
Age: 33
Hair color: Auburn
Eye color: Brown
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 195lbs

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Alpha of the Onogoro Pack

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PostSubject: Re: (RP:Torant) - The Lunar Cafe - IC & OOC Information    11/16/2010, 11:09 am

[ The Drink Menu ]
[font=Times New Roman]

Creating new menu..
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PostSubject: Re: (RP:Torant) - The Lunar Cafe - IC & OOC Information    7/13/2011, 1:32 am

Room Owner - TsukimotoHayate

Room Moderators - HIDETOSHIxSEIICHI, GemAirLily, TsukimotoStarfire, ZarinFallow, TsukimotoKanae, TsukimotoTadao, HidetoshiNamikoRain

Setting - The modern real world. Current calendar date & time. Eastern Standard Time - EST.

Location - Toran, Canada. (fictional city based loosely on Toronto CA)

18 + Only! - The only types of players of age allowed in this room are those over the age of 18 due to the setting and content of the stories played here.

T1/Creative Writing Only - Para-posting only. Detailed writing is preferred, and of a more full english rather than abbreviated words. Meaning I don't want to see any abbriviated words. No "U" "UR" "kk" and especially no faces IC!

No Cybering/Adult Content - Adult content is fine to a point, rated R. Be mindful of others and keep the cybering to private rooms. If you are caught doing full on cybering in this room you will be booted no questions asked and depending on the situation you might be reported.

Races - All reasonable characters are accepted into play in the room. Characters that will not be accepted are those of a god/goddess type and/or a main character of a story that is not of your own making. Upon entering please keep in mind this is set in the real world. Human appearances are preferred. If someone comes into the club, looking a little too freakish, they might be asked to leave or might just be booted. The less attention drawn to them the better.

Feeding - If you are a vampire or some other creature that feeds off others, and wish to make a meal out of one in the club. Keep in mind this is the real modern world this takes place in. Also, that if you try and/or succeed, know that is considered an automatic acknowledging IC, to open yourself for a fight and run the risk of possibly being killed in turn. So it is allowed but, take in the risks first.

Killing/Dying - This is a full rp room which means it is possible for a character to kill and die here. If your character gets killed in this room and tries to come back without a viable reason, you WILL be IGNORED. For those of you doing the killing, assess the risks of the actions. Taking into account, the police, bouncers, other workers, ect.

Weapons - Unlike most rooms. We won't automatically ask you to remove them before we even know IC if you are carrying any. However, please keep in mind when you enter into the room your character does pass through a metal detector and passes bouncers. OOCly we won't ask unless needed and ICly we will if one is detected.

OOC comments - We prefer when not having to go over important details for rp that you keep it IC but, if you need to speak " out of character " that you keep it in parentheses or brackets. ((..)) {..} [...] . All sets work for me.

No mixing IC/OOC - Please keep OOC to OOC and IC to IC. Less drama, the better for everyone.

No harrassing or griefing - No harrassment will be tolerated. If it gets to a point the player/s who are involved find it too much to handle themselves, the problem will be removed by the moderators of the room.

Music - PLEASE Ask before playing any music.
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PostSubject: Re: (RP:Torant) - The Lunar Cafe - IC & OOC Information    

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(RP:Torant) - The Lunar Cafe - IC & OOC Information
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