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 The Basic OOC Rules of this group.

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PostSubject: The Basic OOC Rules of this group.   1/24/2010, 11:49 pm

If you are interested in joining our strict rp group and would like to know what is available to play you will find that to the lower part of this area but, before considering this group.. Please read the rules below first.

All rooms and members no matter who governs over each section must follow the strict guidelines of this roleplay group if they wish to belong to Nyxares Empire.

* Character Biography Submission - All players looking to join the Nyxares Empire IMVU group for role-play are required to submit a character biography before cleared for interaction * THIS IS NOT OPTIONAL. Character biographies are not only beneficial to players themselves, but they help DMs monitor who is playing fair and who is not. For all characters engaging in story arcs within Nyxares and its outside realms, bios are a must. Bio's must be approved before abilities or powers can be used to engage another citizen in combat/ story arcs. If things are not stated in your bio, you may not claim to do it.

* 18+ Only - All players must be over the age of 18, for the reason that some of our story/stories might take a player into some graphic content. Whether it be scenes that include violence, adult content or adult language. So as the old saying goes, better safe than sorry. After all, we all come here to enjoy ourselves, not to be baby-sitters. No offense.

* Room preferences - Each room will have its own setting whether they allow killing, feeding, carrying weapons and ect. Choices such as no kill zones or no fight zones or no feeding, must have of  have substantial reason that is acceptable for this storyline for why certain things are not allowed.

Also the main rules must apply. Which are, all rooms are para posting IC rooms, an entrance post must be given after loading.   If that room is INSIDE the empire, no modern technology, simple acts of teleporting. However if you have a room that the empire frequents and is owned by one of the empire's members, but is outside in the modern world. The barrier rules do not apply, but the main rules are still to be enforced.

* Rankings - All cities that get absorbed into this empire, no matter their rank, even if the ruling character holds the title of king they will be beneath the twins who rule over Nyxares. The twins hold the highest rank in the empire being emperor and empress this is not subject to change unless both of them is killed or step down from their positions.

* No modern technology inside the empire-  To the entire empire in its entirety inside the barrier, there is to be no modern technology what so ever. No television, computer, cars, and all else that goes along with modern technology.. This is a preference that the twins, whom rule Nyxares, wanted and the reason behind it is not explained here. The barrier they have around Nyxares is to separate it into its own realm dimension, keeping what they want out and yet still allowing those to safely travel back an forth.

It is set up this way, so that you are able to travel where ever in the world and you may still be able to rp in which ever rooms you wish. Meaning you can still enjoy trips to the more modern rooms and still it be ic legit. Modern clothing and items allowed, but no technology or guns, which is another preference the twins have.

* No OOC/IC mixing - There is to be absolutely no OOC IC mixing. It is one thing if you are trying to learn role-play, and mistakes might be made. We will have patience to an extent when we guide you, but if you can not keep it separate after you have been warned. You will be removed from this group.

* No Gods/Goddesses - Those who role-play gods or god like characters will be ignored so if you wish to play within this group. Kindly rethink your character to adapt better for the role-play if you wish to be acknowledged.

* No known characters - Those who play characters created from movies, books or from other sources who were the invention of some one else. The same rules apply. We like originality here and it's just fair for all in the empire if all have original characters that have developed through being role-played out.

* One character per account - For those who play multiple characters to one account. We prefer the less complicated way of NOT doing that. So if you are considering this group, please take that into consideration before trying to join, for the one account you join with will have only one character accepted into the group. If you wish to have another char, another account is to be used. This group prefers our players to have one character per account to keep complication, confusion and drama to a minimum. However; if the account you join with has other characters is other places; that is acceptable. * On a side note - If you are thinking about having the a character at a youthful age in one group while at the same time in a different group at a older age, that would not be acceptable if it is the same character.

* No forced roleplay - This is frowned upon and not acceptable. It is when a player gets no say OOCly and/or is not allowed ICly to preform a reaction to accept or deny.. Further defined, Forced roleplay is when a player assumes hits, damage, death/kills, over all reactions of other people's characters, and/or when you do not consult the player OOCly about the situation that will effect THEIR character dramatically.  Forced roleplay is also when one player/s give others no choice or say in the matter of the situation that is going on, OOCly and ICly, it being only one player out of the situation, doing both/or all roles without the others permission or acceptence OOCly/ICly and concluding the scenes with end result by themself/themselves.   For example: Player A basically leaving Player B in the dark, roleplaying out how things are - without getting permission OOCly or letting a rp reaction take place for a IC acceptance/denial  - and  goes on roleplaying the end result ..( i.e., body dismemberment, mental state, body alterations, forced telepathy, rape, mind rape, death)

----Keep in mind, when you get in confrontations or situations where something is presented to you in a proper fashion, a fashion that where your character can react , which would be your acceptance or denial of the situation,  and/or you have been consulted before hand. Even if it will turn out badly,  say for example  - ( i.e., body dismemberment, mental state, body alterations, rape, death) - it would be legit if you had a way out, but just couldn't figure a way to prevent it.

* No harrassing - There is to be no grief given to any players. If something does not go your way, this does not give you the right to harrass. If you can not handle it yourself, bring it to Ethereal or Empyreal.

* No begging - Begging for credits is not acceptabled, nor is begging for anything else, you will be warned only so many times before being removed from the group or booted from one of the rooms. If you want something, earn it. Nothing is free in life.

* Writing Style- All members of the Nyxares Empire stories are expected to know and follow the rules that are a set system of the empire. Which follows basically the already established T1 role-play system for IMVU. What can also be referred to as para-posting.

These rules are for a better role-playing environment where drama can be left behind and fantasy, suspense, thrillers, horror can be enjoyed.

Sincerely, - The storytellers of Nyxares
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The Basic OOC Rules of this group.
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