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 (RP:Nyxares) - Necropolis - IC & OOC Information - GA

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PostSubject: (RP:Nyxares) - Necropolis - IC & OOC Information - GA   12/5/2009, 10:44 am

[ Work in progress ]

The city center of Nyxares empire capital city. It is set on an active volcano. An active spell keeps it in constant night. It is the only place in the entire empire that has this spell active.

At the center of the main island of Nyxares on the south slope of Mt Muspell.

Necropolis is currently the most populous city in Nyxares and is the heart of the empire. The city is referred to as The Necropolis or The City of the Dead which was its official name when the city was first founded. Being world center, Necropolis exerts a significant impact upon politics, commerce, finance, art, fashion, research, education, and entertainment.

Located on the southern slope of Mount Muspell of the Sindr mountain range it is the only current city known to have been built on an active volcano.  Necropolis' s  architecture reflects where it is located stone and brick from volcanic rock became the city's building materials of choice after the construction of wood-frame houses showed a tendency to catch fire. Necropolis's buildings vary in size and age structures dating back to the mid-19th century, while other prominent buildings were just newly built in the first decade of the 21st century. It is said that most of the building designs reflect a gothic architecture which most designers find best suits the blackish sometimes gem like materials used.

Defining the heart of the city is the Queen Mother Memorial Fountain reaching above three stories high it is the pinnacle of the city center, it set on a little park which is framed by free flowing lava. All bridges that are positioned at the end of the main streets leads here where merchants have set up their stalls.

From incorporating the flowing lava into the design of the city it allows for the residents to enjoy a humid subtropical climate. It is a moderate temperature without the worry of the harsh cold temperatures from the altitude or winter season. Snow falls to the mountain range during the winter but inside Necropolis it melts to the ground. Buildings constructed over two stories can be found with some snow to its rooftops.

History and Summary:
Passed down from generation to generation, the Necropolis is a city of age. Now under the rule of the dark twins, whom usher in a new era for their family. None forget the simple beginnings. Beginnings that if it hadn't been for the queen mother Savanah none would have the beautiful city that started it all.

Forever in nightfall the city will always be. Having been founded by the royal family whom at the time were vampires. To ensure the safety for their bloodline, to have a peaceful place away from the sun. It was tasked to Mages, who accomplished the feat, to forever keep the city safe from the blazing sun.

At that time the city had a different name. Older residents would know it was first named the City of the Dead by the late queen Savanah Rose. It only would be come to be known as the Necropolis later after the queen mother's death, the twins changing the city's name in honor of her term being over.

Within the city, guards monitor and keep the peace. They are known as the Shadow Guards. The Shadow Guards are a specific set of demons, ones that will only be found to the Necropolis. Created by the former King Hunter himself, apart of him was taken to make such loyal creatures to the city. No one outside the royal family knows much about the guards, other then the fact that if you kill one it disperses into the night and another one shall appear to take its place.

Feeding in the city is permitted by the royal family as it always had been. However no killing of the mortals within this city if they had not deserved it. All those within the walls of the city are under special protection by the royal family. Empyreal and Ethereal.

The nightfall spell that prevents the sun to shine on the city.

Emperor Empyreal Revere
Empress Ethereal Revere

Johan Hugorm

Notable NPCS:
Shadow Guards
= Age - Immortal
= Appearance -6'5ft humanoid. Dressed from head to toe with no skin exposed. They wear black metal armor resembling Blackguards.
= Race -  Demonic
= Powers -  Aura of evil, detect good, poison use, dark blessing, smite good, command undead, aura of despair, sneak attack, fiendish servant, smite good.

Spell list - 1st lvl ~  Corrupt weapon, Doom,  Magic Weapon, Inflict light wounds.
2nd lvl ~ bull’s strength,  darkness,  death knell,  eagle’s splendor, inflict moderate wounds.
3rd lvl ~ contagion, deeper darkness, inflict serious wounds, protection from energy.
4th lvl ~ cure critical wounds, freedom of movement, inflict critical wounds, poison, summon monster IV.

Feat - Cleave, Improved Sunder, Power Attack.

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Empyreal Revere
Emperor of Nyxares

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PostSubject: Capital City - Necropolis OOC Room Rules   1/9/2010, 3:47 pm


Room Owner - EtherealRevere

Music - Ask before playing any music.

Fighting -  ALLOWED - Violence and fighting is tolerated and welcomed. As long as both parties are in agreeance

Killing - ALLOWED - This is a full rp room which includes killing. So if your character has a big mouth. I hope they can handle themselves. Also if your character gets killed in this room and tries to come back without a viable reason, you WILL be IGNORED.

Feeding - ALLOWED - At your own risk.

T1/Creative Writing Only - Para-posting only. Meaning I don't want to see any abbreviated words. No "U" "UR" "kk" and especially no faces IC. It is taken as an insult to those of us who actually put time and effort into these storylines.

Cybering/Adult Content - LIMITED - Adult content is fine to an extent. Remember to be mindful of others and keep full on sexual content to private rooms. If I catch full on cybering going on in this room you will be booted no questions asked and depending on the situation you might be reported.

18 + Due to the content of some of stories, we prefer that the only players allowed to the rooms be that of 18 years of age or over.  Our roleplay group though still starting out has strict rules about under aged players. In IMVU we find it is better safe then sorry and save alot of us alot of trouble be taking on this rule. One that is strictly enforced by our storyteller.

OOC comments - We prefer when not having to go over important details for rp that you keep it IC but, if you need to speak " out of character " that you keep it in parentheses or brackets. ((..)) {..} [...] .  Whichever sets you prefer.

No mixing IC/OOC - Please keep OOC to OOC and IC to IC. Less drama, the better for everyone.

No harassing or grieving - No harassment will be tolerated. If it gets to a point the player/s who are involved find it too much to handle themselves, the problem will be removed

Teleportation -
If you simply try to teleport within the city or the empire with no proper reason, it will not be happening. If you travel by others means, say through shadows or umbra, which ever means you do. It is acceptable, as long as it is not ' blinking in and out of existence in one post. '  You must have sufficient explanation.

Modern things - In agreeance of the main players of the story it has been decided upon that the entire empire though able to bring in modern clothing. Guns and technology, such as television, phones, cars, computers,  electricity in the modern sense will be nullified or dissolved upon entering the barrier which protects and surrounds the entire empire. Cars, electric trains aren't even able to pass the border. The only things able to come within the realm are those upon the body except guns. Guns upon a person will dissolve away into nothing.

Setting - Though some modern influences can occasionally be seen in clothing or even that of decorating. Heritage and old cultures are the main focus within the empire. For the city, it is set in a mountain range and to a volcano. Lava can be seen flowing around the center of it. Keeping the city warm even in the harshest of winters. The most noticeable of all is that the city is forever in nightfall. Only artificial light shines bright in the city. Time frame is modern time.
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(RP:Nyxares) - Necropolis - IC & OOC Information - GA
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